Robert W. Crow, Ph.D.
Vice President

Dr. Crow has led numerous efforts encompassing many aspects of remote sensing. Examples include development of real time detection and classification algorithms, development of novel electro-optic collection systems for field use, physics-based analytic assessments of data from a diverse set of remote sensing systems, and planning and execution of experimental tests in the field.

His hardware development experience includes the creation of novel systems for active polarimetry (for detecting surface mines), ground-based IR missile tracking, hyperspectral signature measurements, and standoff laser collection. He has also led efforts to develop real-time processing of high-bandwidth electro-optic data streams, and has implemented novel processing algorithms in high-speed computing architectures.

Dr. Crow has conducted scientific performance assessments that integrate phenomenological, sensor, and algorithm trades to provide broad-perspective conclusions on remote sensing system utility. These assessments supports system design, the development of mission requirements, and collection planning.

Dr. Crow has considerable field testing experience involving radiometry, imagery, hyperspectral, and laser sensor measurements to support a variety of programs. In addition to being the scientific lead on many of these tests, he has developed software to support rapid analysis of data during field experiments to mitigate the need for repeat testing.

Dr. Crow received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University in 1994, and did his undergraduate work at Washington University in St. Louis.